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Walking Far From Home

I had a great experience on Sunday. Mr. Mehta invited me to join him on his daily laps around the park. He said he usually walks 10-12 times and he enjoys the fresh air and exercise. Today he wanted company and he thought this would be a good opportunity to speak to me further. We talked the whole time about development, about technology, about America’s role in the world, and about the shortfalls of the current states of both Indian and American government. Mr. Mehta is a very intelligent man- he cited Gandhi and his push for de-centralized government. We spoke about Thorough, civil disobedience, and the subtlety of Walden. We talked about Occupy Wall street, Prop 13, and Citizens United. We spoke about corruption, partisanship, and equality…

It was amazing how often we agreed. It was amazing how often we realized that at the heart of each problem we discussed were very similar issues. India and the United States are different in nearly every way. It’s sad how we found commonality in greed and power. But it was amazing that with so little in common, we could enjoy a nice Sunday walk in the park talking about philosophy, politics, and current affairs.

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