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Well This Just Got Interesting….

One of the more interesting aspects of my time so far in India has been the state of the Indian Economy. As classes have started and we dive into various development and macroeconomic theories, it’s sometimes easy to forget that we are living in one of the most interesting cases of development, well, ever. I came here to experience India and often discounted the role that my classes would have on my time here. However, so far they have been an incredibly interesting companion to my experiences here. One great example of this is that we spent most of yesterday talking about India’s current economy then went to visit a settlement in Jaipur. To see the need first hand really bridged the abstract academic theories of economics with the real life need in our back yard. Another example of this has been the rapid change the rupee has experienced during my time here (literally two weeks.) When I first arrived the rupee was around 62 rupees to one dollar. Three days ago it was 69 rupees to 1 dollar. Now it’s around 65 rupees. HOLY SHIT! I’m trying to time my exchange transactions and my purchases accordingly but it’s becoming difficult.

Anyways, this was a weak excuse for a post but I’m packing for the weekend and I have way to much to say to write more right now (does that make sense?) Hope everyone at home is doing well and you all better hope the rupee keeps falling- it will directly pertain to the quality of your Christmas presents.

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